A weather (wx) text data-getting tool

Current version: 1.7


wxtget provides command line access to a variety of U.S. weather text products. It can display products given the National Weather Service AWIPS product ID. It also displays a variety of forecast products, either by location name, ZIP code, latitude and longitude, or by "zone" code. NEXRAD storm attribute tables can be displayed given the radar name.

For example,

wxtget afdcys

displays the current area forecast discussion for Cheyenne, Wyoming, and

wxtget -m 1 zfpbou

provides the zone forecast product from the Boulder, Colorado forecast office, for one cycle before the current version. All of the following

wxtget latlon 41.23,-103.65
wxtget zip 69145
wxtget loc "Kimball, NE"

retrieve a digital point forecast for Kimball, Nebraska, and

wxtget zone coz042

displays the most the most recent zone forecast for Pawnee Buttes, Colorado (zone COZ042). To view the storm attribute table for the Cheyenne, Wyoming radar, use

wxtget rtab kcys

Type wxtget without any additional parameters for usage instructions.


For *nix systems (Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, ...)
For Windows 32 or 64 bit
(Currently unavailable while revamping - thanks for your patience)


Everything you need is probably already on your system
(Perl, and either the LWP::Simple module, wget, or curl)
Everything you need comes in the zip package



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