A command line trash bin

Current version: 1.1.1


rmbin is a simple command line trash bin that provides an alternative to rm when you're not really sure you want to rm.

rmbin sends files and/or directories to a trash bin (a directory whose name is the current date, YYYY-MM-DD, unless otherwise specified) within a customizable trash directory.

rmbin keeps your trashed files and directories organized, and prevents them from clobbering each other.


Let's trash junk.txt and then see where it went:

> rmbin junk.txt
junk.txt --> /Users/abc/.rmbin/2015-02-04/WB40P8AIJX_junk.txt

The file has been moved to a bin named 2015-02-04 (the current date in this example), and its name has been prepended by some random characters so that multiple versions of the file can happily coexist in the same bin. Want the file back? Just mv it elsewhere.

If you would like to use a custom-named bin instead of the default:

> rmbin --bin proposals important.doc

You can view all rmbin'd items (and determine if they are a 'F'ile or 'D'irectory) with:

> rmbin -l
D /Users/abc/.rmbin/2015-02-03/CIJ587R82A_my_directory
F /Users/abc/.rmbin/2015-02-04/WB40P8AIJX_junk.txt
F /Users/abc/.rmbin/proposals/QM5ELRL4VC_important.doc

When you're sure you don't need the items in a bin anymore, empty it out:

> rmbin --empty-bin proposals

For more options use rmbin --help .


Save the script to someplace in your path and make it executable with chmod a+x rmbin.


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