I have moved to the University of Kentucky. Please visit me there.

Multicore Embedded Computing Systems Lab, Colorado State University - Current

Currently pursuing PhD with research focusing on designing and optimizing emerging network-memory subsystems such as photonic networks-on-chip, photonic core-to-memory interface, 3D-stacked DRAM, and phase change memory subsystems for future manycore systems.

Optoelectronics Research Group, Colorado State University - Jan 2012 to May 2013

- MS Thesis - "A plastic total internal reflection photoluminescence device for enzymatic biosensing". The device is an easily fabricated, plastic, total internal reflection photoluminescence (TIRPh) platform for enzymatic biosensing that does not require an optical filter.
- While working on MS thesis, I have gained experience in fabricating microfluidic biosensor chips with polymer and silicon based integrated photonics.

Microwave Systems Laboratory, Colorado State University - Summer 2011

Debugged and operated MMIC-based microwave radiometers during a field experiment campaign (HUMEX) on southern great planes, OK for measuring water vapor profile in the atmosphere.

More details of his research and professional experience can be found in his CV.