Estes Park Cultural Program

Attention!!! Please note the date of the Trail Ridge Road Excursion has been changed from Wednesday to Thursday.

Thursday August 14th- Trail Ridge Road Excursion

This Excursion will consist of an "all day" trip across Trail Ridge Road, the highest elevated paved roadway in the United States. This roadway takes us through Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the most visited parks in the United States. Continued travel will take us to Grand Lake for lunch at the Grand Lake Lodge. A brief commentary on this approximately 100 year log framed lodge will be given by managment. These are two of the most scenic areas in Northern Colorado. After lunch, technical stops will be made at the locations of two unique modern timber bridge constructions. One of these is the Scott Lancaster Memorial Bridge designed by Julius Natterer. The bridge was constructed by the community and Colorado State University students as a memorial to a local student who died in a tragic mountain lion attack. It is located near the old mining community of Idaho Springs and Mount Evans, one of the most scenic of Colorado's 50 mountain peaks with an elevation of 14,000 ft (4,267 m) or more. We may make a stops at either location, time permitting. An additional stop will be made at a recently constructed timber arch highway bridge.

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Optional Excursions

Tuesday August 12th- For interested participants, transportation will be provided to the Sundance Saloon located 40 miles away in Fort Collins, CO. This lively establishment provides an atmosphere of country western music and dancing. It is one of the most popular local attractions in Northern Colorado. Observing the locals amidst dancing and song is a popular entertainment choice for visitors from other states and countries. Tuesday is College Night and many local students will add to the special atmosphere. For Europeans familar with polka dancing you can readily adjust to some western dances. Note: It is not unlikely females will ask males to dance, so be prepared. Food and beverages are available for purchase at modest prices.

More details will be provided later.

Friday August 15th - We have organized a brief technical presentation from a USDA Forest Service expert on the devastating fire seasons of Colorado. The great extent of forest managment issued created by this devastation has had great effect on the discussion of the management of forest and federal restrictions are significantly changing as a consequence. Recent policy changes in Washington D.C. have influenced the debate and contraversy about the need for more flexibility in reducing fire threats through alternatives to pass forest mangement guidelines and restrictions. A site visit and discussion will take place at a nearby location of one of the many Summer 2002 forest fires in Colorado.


Arrangements for the excursions and other pertinent activities (for example, banquet) are still in progress. A fee and sign up will be established for anticipation by possible interested spouses and travel companions. Please revisit the website periodically for updates in the coming weeks.