Candidates are required to have extensive research experience in multiple disciplines including a thorough understanding of the mathematics describing fluid flow, parallel algorithms for CFD, adaptive mesh refinement, and parallel programming methodologies applicable to exascale architectures. The successful candidates will work as part of a multidisciplinary team of researchers that include engineering, computational, and computer scientists as well as the applied mathematicians and physicists.

Required Experience and Skills:
  1. Ph.D. in Aerospace Sciences and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or related discipline
  2. Experience on developing software for complex fluid dynamics problems using C/C++ and Fortran in a Linux HPC cluster environment
  3. Experience with parallel adaptive mesh-refinement algorithms for unsteady flows
  4. Demonstrated ability with parallel technologies including MPI, shared-memory programming models (OpenMP, POSIX threads), vector processors (SSE, AVX, Blue Gene dual floating-point units), and accelerators (Cuda, OpenCL)
  5. Experience with the design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of software systems using appropriate software engineering methods
  6. Demonstrated ability to work both independently and with large multidisciplinary team
  7. Excellent oral and written communication skills for presentation of research
  8. At least one year of post-doctoral research experience is needed for the research associate position
Prefered Experience and Skills:
  1. Experience with exascale technologies, especially those that may assist with adapting a CFD algorithm to exascale architectures
  2. Experience with performance tuning of CFD applications, e.g., load-balancing of complex architectures
  3. Familiar with CFD-based design, analysis, and optimization of aerospace propulsion systems. These include but are not limited to furthering the understanding of next-generation gas-turbine engine designs and alternative fuels
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