ECE 520/MATH 520 Optimization Methods

Spring 2020, TR 11:00-12:15, Room Engr B103

Organizational Information

Instructor Information

Professor: Edwin K. P. Chong
Office: Engr C101D
E-mail: Email
Phone: 970-491-7858
Office hours: TR 12:15-1:30 (unless otherwise noted, or by special arrangement via e-mail)

Syllabus Information

General course information is available. (See also the Lecture and Homework Schedule.)

Grade Information

Homework (no late homework accepted); 10%
Exam 1: 30%
Exam 2: 30%
Exam 3: 30%

Required Background

You must have a working knowledge of linear algebra and calculus of several variables, and an appreciation of rigor.

Homework Questions and Deadlines

Homework is due at the beginning of the Tuesday class period. (See also the Lecture and Homework Schedule.)

Course Policies

Information on course policies is available.

Professor Edwin Chong, Email

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