Graduate Students and Associates of Professor Edwin Chong

Graduate Students and Associates of Prof. Edwin K. P. Chong


Note to Prospective Students and Associates

I receive many emails on a regular basis from prospective students and associates, enquiring about the possibility of working in my group. Unfortunately I am unable to respond to every such enquiry. If you have sent me email along these lines, and you have not received a response, I hope you will understand.

Present Students (soon to be the best trained people ever!)

Past PhD Students (the best trained PhDs ever!)

  1. Yongseok Park (Ph.D., May 1996). Currently with Samsung Electronics.
  2. I-Jeng Wang (Ph.D., August 1996). Currently with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab and Department of Computer Science.
  3. Luis G. Sison (Ph.D., March 1998). Currently Professor and Program Leader at DOST-UP Enterprise Center for Technopreneurship, University of Philippines. Formerly Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development.
  4. Junyi Li (Ph.D., March 1998). Currently Vice President of Engineering, Qualcomm; Fellow of IEEE.
  5. Sanjiv Bavishi (currently Product Manager, Industry Accelerators for Websphere/Business Analytics, IBM Software Group at IBM).
  6. Suresh Kalyanasundaram (Ph.D., April 2000). Currently with Nokia Siemens Networks. Previously with Motorola Labs/Research.
  7. Junshan Zhang (Ph.D., August 2000). Currently Ira A. Fulton Chair Professor at Arizona State University; Fellow of IEEE.
  8. Hyeong Soo Chang (Ph.D., July 2001). Currently Professor at Sogang University, Seoul, Korea.
  9. Mingbo Xiao (Ph.D., May 2002). Currently Professor, Hangzhou Dianzi University.
  10. Xin ("Mandy") Liu (Ph.D., August 2002). Currently Professor at University of California, Davis. Fellow of IEEE.
  11. Uday Ramesh Savagaonkar (Ph.D., September 2002). Currently with Google.
  12. Jung-Min ("Jerry") Park (Ph.D., August 2003). Currently Professor at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA; Fellow of IEEE.
  13. Dong-Won Shin (Ph.D., August 2003). Currently with Samsung, Korea.
  14. Gang ("Steven") Wu (Ph.D., October 2003). Currently VP, Asset Liability Management at Deutsche Bank Securities. Previously, Fair Isaac Corp., JP Morgan Chase, Ernst & Young, Columbus, Ohio.
  15. Jeffrey D Herdtner (Ph.D., August 2004). Currently faculty member at Miami University of Ohio.
  16. Jeongjoon Lee (Ph.D., September 2005). Currently with LSIS, Korea.
  17. Hua Li (Ph.D., December 2007). Currently with Experian North America DataLabs. Previously with FairIsaac Corp.
  18. Patricia de Rezende Barbosa (Ph.D., April 2010). Currently with Pratt & Whitney, Miami, FL.
  19. Tatpong Katanyukul (Ph.D., May 2010). Currently: Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University.
  20. (Steven) Zhi Zhang (Ph.D., August 2011). Currently: Data Scientist Consultant at IMVU.
  21. Zhenliang Zhang (Ph.D., August 2013). Currently: XPENG.
  22. Ramin Zahedi (Ph.D., September 2013). Currently: KLA-Tencor, San Jose, CA.
  23. Yang Zhang (Ph.D., January 2014). Currently: Data Scientist at GFI Software, Cambridge, MA.
  24. Shankarachary (Shankar) Ragi (Ph.D., March 2014). Currently: South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
  25. Rick Sturdivant (Ph.D. Sys. Engr., January 2017). Currently: President, MPt, Inc., Fullerton, CA.
  26. Christopher Eaton (Ph.D. Sys. Engr., March 2018). Currently: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab.
  27. Yajing Liu (Ph.D., June 2018). [Deceased]
  28. Lucas W. Krakow (Ph.D., October 2018). Currently: Texas A&M.
  29. Yugandhar Sarkale (Ph.D., October 2019).
  30. Fateh El Sherif (Ph.D., February 2020). [Deceased]
  31. Alaa A. R. Alsaeedy (Ph.D., March 2020)
  32. Mahsa Ghorbani (Ph.D. Sys. Engr., May 2020)
  33. Christopher Robbiano (Ph.D., November 2020).
  34. Megan Emmons (Ph.D., August 2021). Currently: Sandia National Labs.
  35. Tian Ju Ma (Ph.D. Sys. Engr., June 2022). Currently: Sandia National Labs. Awarded 2023 Asian American Engineer of the Year.
  36. Pranav Damale (Ph.D., July 2023). Currently: Murata Electronics.

Past MS Students (the best trained MSs ever!)

Past Postdocs (the best trained postdocs ever!)

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