ECE/ENGR 531 Engineering Risk Analysis

Spring 2016

General Course Information

Learning Objectives

By the time the students successfuly complete the course, they should be able to:

Course Outline and Schedule

  1. Introduction. What is risk and how is it managed?
  2. Using project risk models
  3. The risk management process
  4. Identifying project risks
  5. Analyzing risks
  6. Prioritizing and mapping risks
  7. Planning resolution of targeted risks
  8. Monitoring project risks
  9. Risk management toolkit
  10. Risk management approaches and strategies
  11. Implementing a project risk management program successfully
  12. Case studies
  13. Advanced topics
  14. Student presentations (might take more than one class session)


Preston G. Smith and Guy M. Merritt, Proactive Risk Management: Controlling Uncertainty In Product Development, Productivity Press, 2002. (Link to


ECE/STAT303 or STAT315 (or equivalent undergraduate probability and statistics).


See Organizational Information.

Examples of applications

Professor Edwin K. P. Chong, Email
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