ECE 520/MATH 520 Optimization Methods

Professor: Edwin K. P. Chong

General Information

CHANGES based on new CSU requirements:

  1. All lectures will be video recorded and posted on Canvas before the actual session dates. ("Asynchronous" only; no "synchronous" delivery.)
  2. Office hours will be held online using Canvas Conferences (see "Conferences" in menu at the left of Canvas web interface). Same times as before unless informed otherwise.
  3. The homeworks and exams will remain as is. The one difference is that they need to be uploaded onto Canvas by the deadline (sharp... it's enforced automatically by software!). Notice that HW4 will be due Mar 26 (not Mar 24, which is still part of the extended spring break). As usual, we can discuss the exam dates and change them according to requests.
  4. The syllabus remains as is, subject to changes in exam dates per item 3 above.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are provided on the password protected web page.

Homework Assignments

Homework questions and deadlines are listed on the Lecture and Homework Schedule.

Homework Solutions

The solutions to the homework problems are provided on the password protected web page.

Exam Solutions

Exam solutions are provided on the password protected web page.

Matlab Demos

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