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Advanced Composite Materials Research at CSU Composite Materials, Manufacture and Structures Laboratory

Fabrication Equipment
  • Autoclave - 15" x 15" x 36" - 100 psi/350°F cures.
  • 3-axis filament winder, 6"dia. x 30"long mandrel.
  • Low pressure CVD to 1250°C with pulsed flow.
  • 20ton hot press capable of 425°C processing.
  • Injection molding (up to 30ton)
Test Equipment
  • 10,000 lb load frame with environmental chamber capable of temperatures from 150°C to +425°C.
  • Hydraulic Instron frame for dynamic materials testing.
  • Seiko DSC, DTA/TGA, TMA-SS thermal analysis.
  • Olympus PME-3 metallograph to 2000X, with polarized light.
  • Leitz ERGOLUX microscope with bright field/dark field illumination.
  • Computer image analysis on both microscopes.
  • High cycle impact fatigue test apparatus. (11/sec)
  • Creep test apparatus.
Services Available
  • Mechanical testing - test temperatures from -150°C to +425°C.
  • Component failure analysis.
  • Metallographic specimen preparation and analysis of composites.
  • "Image Analysis" of metallographic specimens or images.
  • Thermal Analysis (DSC, DTA/TGA, TMA) of materials.
  • Design of composite components.
  • Redesign of components for fabrication in composite materials.
  • Development of composite manufacturing processes and process parameters.

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