Project Manager

Christopher Snow Ph.D.

Distributed computing team

Lead programmer, CHOMP

Ilya Loksha

SHARPEN interface with Folding@Home

James Maiolo B.S.

SHARPEN: simulated annealing and Windows GUI

Cheng Hong

CHOMP development team 2008

Energy function development

Albert Ng

Sidechain optimization algorithms

Chris Kennelly

Nucleic acids and small molecules

Ram Kandasamy

CHOMP development team 2007

Loop rebuilding (CCD)

Jason Paryani

Energy function optimization

Phil Romero

Protein structure graph decomposition

Matt Glassman

Other Computation Efforts

Rationalizing P450 substrate regioselectivity

Andrea Rentmeister

Research opportunities

The Arnold group is a great place to do both computational biology and experimental directed evolution.

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