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Polarizable Protein Packing
Albert Ng and Christopher Snow Accepted, Journal of Computational Chemistry (2010)

Combinatorial alanine substitution enables rapid optimization of cytochrome P450BM3 for selective hydroxylation of large substrates.
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Efficient screening of fungal cellobiohydrolase class I enzymes for thermostabilizing sequence blocks by SCHEMA structure-guided recombination
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Non-bulk-like Solvent Behavior in the Ribosome Exit Tunnel.
Del Lucent, Christopher Snow, Colin Aitken, Eric Sorin, Sung-Joo Lee & Vijay S. Pande. Accepted, PLoS Computational Biology.

SCHEMA Recombination of a Fungal Cellulase Uncovers a Single Mutation that Contributes Markedly to Stability
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SHARPEN: Systematic Hierarchical Algorithms for Rotamers and Proteins on an Extended Network
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Evolutionary history of the emergence of a specialized cytochrome P450 propane monooxygenase
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Hunting for predictive computational drug discovery models
Christopher D. Snow. Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy (2008) 6(3)

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Electric Fields at the Active Site of an Enzyme: Direct Comparison of Experiment with Theory
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Kinetic Definition of Protein Folding Transition State Ensembles and Reaction Coordinates.
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Direct calculation of the binding free energies of FKBP ligands.
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How well can simulation predict kinetics and thermodynamics of protein folding?
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Absolute comparison of simulated and experimental protein-folding dynamics
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Up Front: Science Behind the Screens
HHMI Bulletin - M. Mitchell Waldrop

hSurface Salt Bridges, Double-Mutant Cycles, and Protein Stability: an Experimental and Computational Analysis of the Interaction of the Asp 23 Side Chain with the N-Terminus of the N-Terminal Domain of the Ribosomal Protein L9.
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Folding@Home and Genome@Home: Using distributed computing to tackle previously intractable problems in computational biology.
Stefan M. Larson, Christopher D. Snow, Michael R. Shirts, Vijay S. Pande. Computational Genomics, Richard Grant, editor, Horizon Press

RNA binding to the aminoglycoside antibiotic Apramycin
Spring 2002
Professor Puglisi, Stanford, Graduate Student

Simulated Annealing Fragment Monte Carlo: Protein Structure Prediction
Fall 2001 to Winter 2001
Professor Levitt, Stanford, Graduate Student
Preparation for CASP5

Distributed Computing Protein Folding
Spring 2001 to Summer 2001
Professor Pande, Stanford, Visiting Researcher
Collaboration with Professor Gruebele at the University of Illinois
2002 Kollman Satellite Meeting: Biophysical Society

Electrostatic Analysis of NTL9
Spring 2000 to Fall 2001
Professor Tidor, MIT, Undergraduate Researcher
Collaboration with Professor Dan Raleigh at SUNY Stony Brook
2001 Pfizer Undergraduate Fellow Conference

Electrostatic Ranking of Myoglobin Chimera
Fall 1998 to Summer 1999
Professor Tidor, MIT, Undergraduate Researcher
1999 Protein Society Meeting