Manual of River Restoration Techniques

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Introduction to the Manual (113k)

Site Description

Site descriptions (968k)

Part 1
Restoring meanders to straightened rivers

1.1 New meandering channel upstream of mill (658k)
1.2 New meandering channel downstream of mill (893k)
1.3 Single meander in Mill Leat (376k)
1.4 New meanders to one side of existing channel (576k)
1.5 New meandering channel replacing concrete weirs (1.1Mb)
1.6 New meandering channel downstream of mill (940k)
1.7 Reconnecting remnant meanders (1Mb)

Part 2
Enhancing redundant river channels

2.1 New backwaters in redundant river channels ­ River Skerne (564k)
2.2 New backwaters in redundant river channels ­ River Cole (752k)

Part 3
Enhancing straightened river channels

3.1 In-channel deflectors (705k)
3.2 New aquatic ledges (893k)
3.3 Stone riffle (423k)
3.4 Radical re-design from uniform, straight channel to a sinuous, multi-channel river (846k)
3.5 Narrowing of an over-widened channel using low cost groynes (940k)
3.6 Creating a sinuous low-flow channel in an over-widened channel (1Mb)
3.7 Replacing a concrete drain with a 'natural' channel (940k)
3.8 Creation of on-line bays (611k)
3.9 Introducing gravel to inaccessible reaches (799k)

Revetting and supporting river banks

4.1 Willow spiling (329k)
4.2 Willow mattress revetment (376k)
4.3 Log toe and geotextile revetment with willow slips (423k)
4.4 Plant roll revetment (423k)
4.5 Supporting bank slips and exposed tree roots (705k)
4.6 Short term bank revetments (705k)
4.7 Bank revetment using low steel sheet piling and coir rolls (1.3Mb)

Part 5
Controlling river bed levels, water levels and flows

5.1 Bifurcation weir and spillway (799k)
5.2 Drop weir structures (517k)
5.3 Restoring and stabilising over-deepened river bed levels (656k)
5.4 Simulated bedrock outcrops (1.6Mb)
5.5 Raising river bed levels (1Mb)

Part 6
Managing overland floods

6.1 Floodplain spillways (705k)
6.2 Re-profiling of land within meanders (282k)
6.3 Removing and setting back flood banks (752k)

Part 7
Creating floodplain wetland features

7.1 Floodplain scrapes (376k)
7.2 Floodplain wetland mosaic (2.1Mb)

Part 8
Providing public, private and livestock access

8.1 Fords and stock watering point (752k)
8.2 Watercourse crossings (752k)
8.3 Access paths suitable for disabled users (376k)
8.4 Restoring a ford as a stock and vehicular crossing point (658k)
8.5 Urban riverside access (987k)

Part 9
Enhancing outfalls to rivers

9.1 Surface water outfalls (470k)
9.2 New reed bed (611k)

Part 10
Utilising spoil excavated from rivers

10.1 Landforms at Keepsafe and Rockwell (376k)
10.2 New landforms (329k)
10.3 Cost effective silt removal from impounded channel (940k)

Part 11
River diversions

11.1 Diversion of a river valley (611k)
11.2 Clay lined river (1.5Mb)


Acknowledgements (248k)

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