November 2016: Our paper on cell shape using Zernike moments was published in Integrative Biology and was covered by the Colorado Cancer blog. Read about it here: Study: Does a cancer cell’s shape hint at its danger?

October 2016: Chintan Joshi successfully defends his PhD and leaves our group to join Nathan Lewis's lab at UCSD in sunny La Jolla by the Pacific!. Congratulations Chintan!

May 2016: Katherine successfully defends her PhD thesis and graduates. She will be joining Ron Weiss's lab at MIT for a postdoc. Congratulations Katherine!!!
May 2016: Samy graduates from the DVM program and joins a clinic in the Denver area as a practicing veterinarian. Congratulations Samy!!!
February 2016:
Our paper on cell shape in cancer is finally published in Biology Open! It's open access so you can just read it.
February 2016:
Ashok starts the second leg of his sabbatical as visiting Research Scientist in the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at Columbia University.
November 2015:
Our paper on quantitative analysis of plant parts in protoplasts was published in Nature Methods! Congratulations to the team for many months of hard work!
August 2015: Ashok leaves for a year-long sabbatical. From Sepetember to January he is a visiting fellow at the School of Physical Sciences, JNU, Delhi, India.
May 2015:
Ashok is granted tenure and is promoted to Associate Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering at CSU.
October 2014:
June Medford and Ashok wrote a short Perspective on Plant Synthetic Biology that was published in Science.
October 2014:
Chintan and Ashok's paper on epistasis is published in Molecular Biosystems. Congratulations Chintan.
June 2014:
Check out my awesome new project on teaching biology through simulations at the linked webpage.
July 2013:
Christie Peebles and Ashok Prasad awarded NSF Grant on Metabolic Analysis and Optimization of Biofuel Production during Light-dark Cycles in Synechocystis.
November 2012: June Medford, Mauricio Antunes and Ashok Prasad awarded ARPA-E OPEN 2012 grant for development of synthetic biology. Read CSU press release here!
October 2012: Chintan Joshi's paper on metabolism and robustness accepted for platform presentation at the AICHE meeting.
September 2012:
Ashok Prasad awarded NSF CAREER Grant to study the influence of nanotopography on cells. Read more here.
April 2012:
Ashok Prasad, Christie Peebles and Chintan Joshi get Clean Energy Supercluster seed grant.
March 2012:
Samanthe's information theory paper got accepted in PLoSOne!
Feb 2012:
Dustin's nanotopography paper got accepted in Advanced Biomaterials!
Dec 2011:
Samanthe's information theory paper accepted for the ASCB minisymposium

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