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Our Thanks to the Colorado Institute of Technology , NSF CCLI, and NSF CAREER for financial support of our Environmental Biotechnology Research and Education Program:

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Environmental Biotechnology Research and Education Program at CSU:

Environmental Biotechnology is the application of the rich and diverse metabolisms that micoorganisms have to offer to cleaning the environment. For example: Bacteria eating toxic waste or waste water treatment- these are examples of Environmental Biotechnology! Microorganisms present a natural and cost effective approach to cleaning the environment- however, it is up to engineers to figure out how to best apply them and get them to do the job. In our research we strive to take a fundamental approach in doing this. The Environmental Biotechnology Research and Teaching Laboratories are fully equipped with molecular biology facilities (PCR, Real time PCR, Capillary Electrophoresis for SSCP, DGGE). These resources allow us to understand the structure, function, and activities of micriobal communities so that they may be better applied.

Students of all levels (Masters, Ph.D., undergraduate) are involved in Environmental Biotechnology research at CSU. Numerous classes are available at CSU that complement this research, including: CE 580 Molecular Biology for Engineers (New!!), CE/CH 540 Fundamentals of Environmental Biotechnology (new!), CE 536 Wastewater Treatment (new!), CH 524 Bioremediation, and EE 569 MEMS Devices (new!).We hope that you enjoy visiting our site!