Tips for Your First Year on Campus

Tips for Your First Year On Campus Hi there! Is this your first year on campus? If so, welcome to Fort Collins! We’re so happy to welcome you to the RAMily and the wonderful city of FoCo! Read on for some handy tips for your first year on CSU’s campus.  More Ask an Ambassador blogs…Read more

Options for an Education in Biomedical Engineering

What options do I have if I want an education in Biomedical Engineering at CSU? Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a 4th year Engineering Ambassador at CSU, studying Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. Biomedical engineers are responsible for increasing the quality of healthcare, creating novel solutions to improve medicine, and bettering people’s lives. When I learned of biomedical engineering (BME), I…Read more

Best Study Spots On and Off Campus

Best Study Spots On and Off Campus By Sami Fischer Coming into college, I was amazed by how much free time and flexibility I had. However, as an engineering student, I soon discovered that “free time” often meant “study time.” Before I discovered my favorite study spots, I couldn’t figure out where I worked best or…Read more

Effective Study Tips for Engineers

Effective Study Tips for Engineers Hi my name is Katy, and I am excited to share my most effective study tips! After four years of Environmental Engineering, I have realized that engineering is hard. But it is supposed to be that way. However, with the right study habits, you can make it through any exam or course! 1. Find what time you are…Read more

Research as an Undergraduate Student

Research as an Undergraduate Student Research – is it for you and where do you start? Are you wondering what opportunities there are for research as an undergrad student at CSU? I was wondering the same thing when I first started looking at CSU. I knew that I wanted to do research, but I had…Read more