Why CSU Engineering?

Colorado State's College of Engineering offers academic excellence, a friendly environment, a well-rounded engineering education that draws good jobs, and wonderful recreational opportunities.

Academic Excellence

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The College of Engineering at Colorado State University has a world-class reputation, top-rated faculty, distinguished research programs, and outstanding undergraduate and graduate students.

The curriculum combines classroom learning and engineering practice, offering opportunities for design team projects and hands-on learning in our research laboratories. With each faculty member averaging more than $600,000 in research expenditures last year for a total of $65.4 million, our research generates opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. Faculty work with students on research and bring that research into their classrooms and laboratories.

Friendly Environment

The College, the University, and Fort Collins have a reputation for being friendly. Aside from academic reputation, engineering freshmen said friendliness of the campus was why they chose Colorado State. The College of Engineering has an especially friendly reputation, in part, because we have a great group of Student Ambassadors who help incoming students with questions and provide tours of the engineering facilities.

Fort Collins was named America?s "Best Place to Live" in 2006 and America's "Second Best Place to Live" in 2008 by Money magazine.  According to the issue, "Americans are flocking to places that offer the opportunity and amenities of a big city - but with a lot more green space and a lot less stress."

An Education that Draws Jobs

Employers seek out our students. Hundreds of engineering employers attended campus career fairs, and thousands of jobs and hundreds of internships were posted for engineering just during the last academic year. Annually, about 400 undergraduate and graduate students receive their engineering degrees from CSU, with 17% pursuing graduate school immediately after graduation.

Engineering firms are looking for students like ours - students with real world skills, research experience, and an aptitude for communication. Our Professional Learning Institute, created collaboratively with industry, is designed to cover aspects of a professional engineering career typically not covered in engineering curricula. This value-added program not only offers our students an edge, but also offers opportunities for networking.

Our location is recognized as a strong recruiting ground. Fort Collins was named one of Fast Company magazine's 30 "Fast Cities 2007". The magazine named Fort Collins one of three cities worldwide as a research-and-development "hot spot." In 2005, Fort Collins was named one of the Top Ten Metros for Scientists & Engineers Per Capita, and Top 15 Best Educated Workforce in the Nation by Expansion Management.

Recreational Opportunities

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Our city boasts over 44 public parks, five public golf courses, three swimming pools, an ice skating center, a 60-mile recreational trail system, and over 3,500 acres of preserved open space/natural areas. Camping, hiking, snow boarding, skiing, rafting, fishing, and water skiing are all within a short drive.

Because of the city?s "commitment to open space, smart solutions to sprawl and gridlock, can-do community spirit, and an active embrace of the adventurous life," Fort Collins was named One of Ten New American Dream Towns by Outside Magazine. Plus, we enjoy an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, low humidity, moderate winters, and a mild climate year-round.

"Green" Campus

Engineering II, which broke ground April 2011, is a 122,000 square foot building that will be additional space for the expanding College of Engineering.?Engineering II is being built with the environment in mind and, after it’s completion, will have a LEED gold rating on campus.? Students are also intent on making an impact with programs like RecycleMania and Earth Flow composting.?CSU is proudly ranked as one of Princeton Review’s top green colleges.