The College is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all students. There are resources across the campus and in the College for multicultural and female students.

Diversity Programs in Engineering

The goal of DPE is engineering excellence through diversity. We are committed to recruiting and retaining women and people of color who are traditionally underrepresented in the engineering profession.

Student Diversity Programs and Services offices

To enhance all students’ learning experiences by supporting recruitment and providing retention activities, a sense of shared community, cultural education, leadership opportunities, and fostering efforts to promote social justice as members of a global society.

  • Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center
    Provides programs and services to support the retention, graduation and success of students.  The office contributes to an inclusive campus environment by providing resources for Asian/Pacific American awareness and education
  • Black/African American Cultural Center
    The Black/African American Cultural Center assists African American students with their transitions to Colorado State University and throughout their collegiate experience by providing support and encouragement for their academic, leadership, professional, cultural, and personal development. We strive to provide a family-like support system made up of faculty, staff and student organizations that help students succeed.
  • El Centro
    Provides an inclusive learning environment that welcomes all students.  El Centro supports and strengthens the academic and cultural experience of students by providing workshops; leadership opportunities and Latina/o cultural awareness programs that promote student success and retention
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Ally Resource Center
    Supports and affirms the diverse identities and lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning (LGBTQ), Two-Spirit, and same gender loving people as individuals and as groups, especially as students, staff, and faculty of CSU and their families, friends, and allies, by the cultivation of safer space, educational outreach, advocacy, visibility of LGBTQ issues, information and referral, and academic and leadership opportunities. The GLBTQ2A Resource Center seeks to foster a campus free of prejudice, bigotry, harassment, and violence by providing a space for all members of CSU communities to explore and increase their understanding of aspects related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in an open,  nonjudgmental environment. 
  • Native American Cultural Center
    Ensures a successful educational experience for students by providing support and services related to recruitment, retention, graduation, and community outreach.  The office embraces and encourages a supportive environment based on the traditions and cultures of Native American peoples. 
  • Women and Gender Advocacy Center
    Provides educational and training programs and academic opportunities with women and gender as the focus.  Staff and volunteers also provide advocacy services for survivors of interpersonal violence.  Programs concentrate on examining the intersections of oppression and creating conditions that allow all people to equally access opportunities in a safe University environment.  
  • Resources for Disabled Students
    Recognizes that disability reflects diverse characteristics and experiences, and is a diversity aspect integral to society.  RDS collaborates with students, instructors, staff, and community members to create useable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments. RDS is also committed to supporting CSU as a non-discriminating environment for qualified students with disabilities as mandated by the federal mandates.

The Office of International Programs

The Office provides a variety of support services to international students and visiting faculty, from orientation sessions and programming to help with questions about documentation. The Fort Collins International Center a community volunteer organization that has a history of half a century of welcoming international students, assists the Office of International Programs with programs to integrate internationals into the community.