Bring a Desktop

It is fairly expensive to purchase a computer now that will last all four years in terms of the software used for engineering courses. More importantly, it is generally too expensive for students to purchase personal versions of most of our software, so even the latest and greatest computer will primarily be for general use (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mail).

However, a desktop computer is more likely to last longer than a laptop, so purchasing the best one within your budget is always a good path to take. Minimum recommended specifications? See the base unit specs on our college contract.

Special stuff? We recommend a media card reader (think digital camera memory cards) and a DVD reader or burner.

Purchasing off of the College contract

JPK ComputerThe College of Engineering has a contract that allows students to purchase desktop computers (not laptops). Although consumer-grade computers may be less expensive at local retailers, the quality and service can't be beat. Buy off this contract and ENS provides three years of warranty support -- including parts and labor on all repairs.

To purchase a system, follow the directions on the Purchase a JPK Computer web page.


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