About the Program

Goals of the Program

About the ProgramThe mission of the nationally accredited (TEAC) Technology Education teaching endorsement and nationally accredited (ABET) Engineering Science program at Colorado State University is to develop and educate students who can:

  1. Understand why and how people design, engineer, and innovate to meet human needs and desires.
  2. Apply ways of thinking and doing essential to designing and problem solving, developing, making, managing, and assessing technological systems in various contexts.
  3. Safely use, manage, and evaluate technological systems and the engineering design processes.
  4. Integrate the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with other school subjects.
  5. Communicate technology and engineering content and processes, individually as well as in teams.
  6. Understand the historical and future significance of engineered designs and impacts of technological solutions on humans and the environment.
  7. Develop an awareness of, appreciation for, and engagement in career paths and opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Program Requirements

The BS degree program in engineering science with a engineering education concentration provides students with the engineering and teaching experience to enter junior and senior high school laboratories to teach engineering design principles and concepts in an exciting technology education classroom.  The program of study consists of a balanced mix of mathematics, science, and engineer courses with additional courses in education n the Center for Educator Preparation leading to a BS degree in engineering science and teacher licensure certification engineering and technology education.

About teaching other subjects in the secondary school.

In the State of Colorado prospective teachers are eligible to earn an initial (first) teaching license only within a degree program endorsed by the Colorado Department of Education educator licensing division. Engineering Science is currently the degree program for the engineering and technology education teaching license.  Once students earn an initial secondary teaching license, additional endorsements can be added if a student or teacher is highly qualified within a subject area.  Because the engineering science degree program requires an intensive math course sequence, engineering science majors easily qualify for a math teaching license endorsement after receiving their initial license in engineering and technology education and passing the PLACE math exam.