Engineering Student Technology Committee (ESTC)

ESTC Membership 1999-2000

The Engineering Student Technology Committee (ESTC) was established in the Spring of 2000 as a separate committee from the College of Engineering Technology Committee. This was done to comply with the stipulations stated by the State Board of Agriculture that the disbursement of Charges for Technology funds must be done by a majority of students. Therefore, the ESTC now has the primary responsibility of distributing these funds.

Name Position Department Term Expires
Johannes Gessler Associate Dean Academic Affairs ex officio
Lance Parker undergraduate Chemical & Bioresource Engineering 2001
Sarah Legoza undergraduate Chemical & Bioresource Engineering 2000
Laurent Simon graduate Chemical & Bioresource Engineering 2000
Luis Garcia faculty Chemical & Bioresource Engineering 2001
Michelle Heintz undergraduate Civil Engineering 2001
Dan Stiles undergraduate Civil Engineering 2000
Marcel Zibognon graduate Civil Engineering 2001
John Labadie faculty Civil Engineering 2000
Megan Donovon undergraduate Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2000
Jen Flint undergraduate Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2001
Bala Natarajan graduate Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2000
Carl Nassar faculty Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2001
Mark Ritschard, Acting Chair Director Engineering Network Services ex officio
Jenny Po undergraduate Intra-departmental 2000
unfilled undergraduate Intra-departmental 2001
Mike Holland undergraduate Mechanical Engineering 2001
Jessica Rupp undergraduate Mechanical Engineering 2000
Torrey Burgess graduate Mechanical Engineering 2001
Bryan Willson faculty Mechanical Engineering 2000

Current ESTC Membership

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