Engineering Student Technology Committee (ESTC)

ESTC Membership 2003-2004

Name Position Department Term Expires
Tom Siller Associate Dean Academic Affairs ex officio
Michelle L'Heureux* graduate Atmospheric Science 2005
Chris Rozoff* graduate Atmospheric Science 2004
Steve Rutledge* faculty Atmospheric Science 2004
Shawn Klawitter, chair undergraduate Chemical Engineering 2004
David Miller undergraduate Chemical Engineering 2005
Derek Johnson graduate Chemical Engineering 2005
Ranil Wickramasinghe faculty Chemical Engineering 2004
Ryan Fleming undergraduate Civil Engineering 2005
Tony Zancanella undergraduate Civil Engineering 2004
Arun Nair graduate Civil Engineering 2004
unfilled faculty Civil Engineering 2005
Bryce Eldridge undergraduate Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2005
FA03: Kate McDonnell
SP04: Heidi Shray
undergraduate Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2004
Klaus Hartinger graduate Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2004
Kevin Lear faculty Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2005
Mark Ritschard Director Engineering Network Services ex officio
Miranda Grote undergraduate Intra-departmental 2004
Elizabeth Lipp undergraduate Intra-departmental 2005
David Bryant undergraduate Mechanical Engineering 2005
Tim Hinerman undergraduate Mechanical Engineering 2004
Doug Hopper graduate Mechanical Engineering 2005
Hiroshi Sakurai faculty Mechanical Engineering 2004

*The Atmospheric Science members met separately from the rest of the committee. The three official members were joined by students Brenda Dolan, Todd Ellis, Matt Rogers, and Sarah Tessendorf and by staff Natalie Marquez and Walt Naylor. Together, these individuals determined the distribution of the funds allocated to Atmospheric Science.

Current ESTC Membership

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