Water Energy + Transportation Systems Integration Urban Design Challenge

2022 Resources

2022 Challenge themes (Now with Transportation!):

1. Low impact water systems – innovative solutions are needed to manage and minimize surface water flows from and within urban developments. How do we develop systems that that use or mimic natural processes to manage the infiltration, evapotranspiration or use of water flows in order to address impacts on water quality and associated natural habitats?

2. Urban transportation modalities – The Midtown corridor in Fort Collins is a key transportation throughway with development goals that it maintain this flow but also create a transportation nexus for visiting, recreating, and living. How do we utilize novel transportation modalities and technologies to address the need to move people, goods, and materials that can improve the quality of urban living and reduce the impact of these systems? 

3. Regenerative energy systems (linked to #2 – energy for transportation hubs) – Regenerative energy systems challenge the paradigm of energy supply and demand to create net positive energy communities. How can we look the synergies of renewable energy, circular systems, grids, building systems, and energy recovery to create energy contributing communities?

Intersecting all these themes is a need to develop smart and connected communities to enable innovate solutions.

  • When: May 23rd-27th, 2022 
  • Where: Colorado State University’s Powerhouse Energy Campus

Contact Information:

Associate Professor Steven Conrad


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