Managers Forum

The CSU Systems Engineering Managers Forum is an assembly of leaders and exceptional practitioners of Systems Engineering.  The Managers Forum includes Systems Engineers, Managers, and Educators from across the region, who meet quarterly to provide technical and tactical guidance to the program.

Jeff Stewart, VP of Systems Engineering for Industrial and Turbo Machinery Systems

Sierra Nevada Corporation
Carl “Tuna” Thunberg, PMP, Director, Technology

Henry (Lad) Curtis, Director of Technology, Spacecraft

Northrup Grumman Information Systems
Marcos J. Stephens, Manager, Engineering Training Programs

Lockheed Martin
Brice P. Buches, Manager, Ascent, Orbit and Missions Analysis

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Neil Snyder, Director of Systems Engineering and Program Integration

United Launch Alliance (ULA)
Kurt Austad, Enterprise Systems Engineering and Test Manager

Hewlett Packard (HP)
Mike Stahl, Productivity / IT Engineer

Merrick & Company
John R. Andrzejczack, Vice President of Engineering, Nuclear Services & Technology

Ball Aerospace and Technologies
Mike C. Davis, Director of Engineering Systems

Boeing Company
James Barduniotis, Mission Operations Chief Engineer and Colorado Region Engineering Manager

Western Digital
Keith Flaming, Senior Staff Engineer Advanced Technology Firmware LSI and Systems

USAF Academy (Colorado Springs, CO)
Dan Jensen, Proessor U.S. Air Force Academy Department of Engineering Mechanics
Cory Copper, Director, Systems of Engineering Program at U.S. Air Force Academy