Internships & Research

Internship opportunities are available for students at all levels. Learn more about how they work and find resources for getting started.

Internships are practical experiences which can allow you to test career options, learn more about biomedical engineering industry and research, and gain experience to help you land your first biomedical engineering position. Internships can be paid or unpaid.

Why Should I Do an Internship?

Gain Practical Experience: Potential employers and graduate schools are looking for candidates with experience. Experience with industry or in a research lab will make you a more competitive applicant for industry positions, graduate school, medical school, and other post-graduate options. Industry leaders from our Advisory Board have said that practical experience is one of the most important items they look for on resumes.

Fine-Tune Your Career Goals: Getting hands-on experience can help you understand the variety of career options available to biomedical engineering graduates. With this knowledge you may choose to specialize in a certain area or learn more about another. This can be helpful in choosing your upper-level electives or steer you to get involved in a specific campus research project.

What Will I Do at an Internship?

The specific duties will vary by site. Carefully select a site that will allow you to gain insight into industry and research activities, and get experience that aligns with your goals and interests. Activities might include simple engineering/design projects, offering technical assistance, or simple programming.

How Do I Get Started?

Talk to An Advisor: The staff in the School of Biomedical Engineering office welcomes you to come and speak with us about your interests and complete an interest form. When we know what you are looking for, we can help connect you with faculty or provide resources for connecting with industry members who might have opportunities. We are happy to review your application materials and help you fine-tune your resume. The Career Center can also help you prepare for the internship search.

Check Out CareerRAM: You can find opportunities with local and global biomedical companies on CareerRAM – apply for specific postings and post your resume online where approved employers can view it. Research biomedical industry companies and search for internship opportunities using the resources in the Quick Links box and see the research opportunities page for additional opportunities.

Questions? Contact Sara Mattern at or 970-491-7157.