Industry Supports Earning Two Bachelor's Degrees

We polled industry advisors and they were all very supportive of an approach to complement a Biomedical engineering bachelor's degree with a traditional engineering degree. Here are some of their comments:

Biomedical engineering is a very diverse major.  The option adopted by CSU has the correct focus by training students who will be better trained to enter the workforce as biomedical engineers.  CSU's stellar reputation in engineering, coupled with an intelligently designed program will provide students all the necessary requirements to be successful.”
- Sean Hays, President, Summit Toxicology; Chair, CSU SBME External Advisory Board

“One cannot underestimate the flexibility of earning two degrees. Offering this approach provides the depth of a traditional major with the breadth and specialty in biomedical engineering, and allows students to be better prepared for their careers, qualify for more internships, graduate programs, and job opportunities upon graduation. What student wouldn’t want as many opportunities as possible?”
-Tara M. Ruttley, PhD, Associate Program Scientist - International Space Station, NASA-Johnson Space Center

“The process CSU used to develop this degree program shows their desire to truly serve both the needs of industry as well as the student. This program will shorten the learning curve, or ramp-up time, when a young engineer joins the ranks of industry, giving the graduating student  a leg up both in terms of getting the job, but also in terms of early success within that job.”
- Rick Jory, President & CEO, Sandhill Scientific; Chair, Board of Directors, Colorado Bioscience Association