Industry Relations

SBME values relationships with alumni and industry partners. Industry members, alumni, faculty, and students can find ongoing opportunities for collaboration and involvement here.

Industry and alumni involvement guides the School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) academic programs, aiding with preparing students to meet employer expectations or succeed in academia. Industry and alumni partners also serve as a connection between the School and industry. Your feedback is critical to the establishment and maintenance of a competitive undergraduate and graduate program.

Academic and Hands-On Opportunities for Students

Industry partners and alumni in the industry can have a great impact through direct interaction with SBME students:

  1. Offering internship or practicum opportunities
  2. Notifying us of job openings
  3. Participating in our seminar series
  4. Volunteering to speak to one of our classes
  5. Offering an opportunity for students to tour your business/lab

Contact us if you are interested in participating in our seminar series, speaking in a class, or offering a tour of your facilities to our students.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is comprised of industry members that assist SBME in our efforts to continually improve the educational experience we offer our students. These representatives from leading companies across the country bring a unique and valuable perspective of the evolving industry and the challenges organizations face in today's economy. If you are interested in being involved, please contact us.

Research Collaborations

Industry leaders and alumni may also be interested in collaborating on research with faculty. With 50 faculty members from more than a dozen departments across campus, the interdisciplinary nature of SBME research offers a wealth of opportunities for collaboration.

Research Fellowships and Scholarships

Alumni and industry partners can assist individual students by establishing named research fellowships or scholarships. You can learn more about ways to give or contact us to discuss donating to the program.

We look forward to collaborating with you and having our students benefit from a strong connection between alumni, industry, and the program.