Engineers, disease researchers moving quickly on a disinfectant against COVID-19

Across Colorado State University’s campus, most research operations have gone quiet in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. But there’s one lab at the Energy Institute’s Powerhouse Energy Campus still working around the clock. The Rapid Prototyping Lab at Powerhouse has special clearance for a fast-mobilization project launched in direct response to the daily-changing pandemic. Over the last […]

Minimizing transmission: Testing asymptomatic healthcare workers to find silent COVID-19 carriers

A team of researchers at Colorado State University is leading an effort to help the most vulnerable people in our communities – residents in long-term care communities – during the coronavirus pandemic. Over the last two months, a lab run by Greg Ebel, professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology, tested samples from […]

Carmen Menoni named president of IEEE Photonics Society

Carmen Menoni shines bright in the world of lasers and photonics – a field that pushes the frontiers of light to enable technologies of the future, from lasers for advanced medical devices to fiber optics for global communications. The University Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University has been selected to […]

SBME team members receive awards for excellence

Award winners from the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering are recognized for outstanding achievements and overall excellence throughout the college. Nominations are accepted through faculty and staff, and each award highlights achievements made throughout the previous year. Faculty awards: Art Corey Award for Outstanding International Contributions Matthew Kipper, Chemical and Biological Engineering George T. Abell […]

CSU partners with CU School of Medicine to open medical school branch

A partnership between Colorado’s two major universities will create new educational opportunities for medical students in the state. The University of Colorado School of Medicine is in the planning stages of establishing a medical school branch in Fort Collins in partnership with Colorado State University. The partnership aims to create a training program that builds […]

Dynamics of key viral attack strategy visible for first time

Many infectious viruses, from HIV to West Nile, rely on a fundamental biological process called frameshifting to maximize their attack. Long identified as a key mechanism that viruses use to proliferate inside their hosts, the real-time dynamics of frameshifting had never been directly observed, until now. For the first time, Colorado State University scientists Tim […]

Antibiotic clothing, a new approach to fighting bacteria

In a recent Newsweek article, Associate Professor Melissa Reynolds, discusses the research that she and her team are performing, developing new bacteria-resistant materials to fight infection. Through a collaboration with a major medical-supply company, Reynolds proved this process is cost-effective. Her research will continue with making other hospital materials bacteria-free. Read full story here:

McIlwraith receives lifetime research excellence award from national veterinary association

He is a trailblazer in equine arthroscopic surgery and research in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of joint injury and disease in horses. People from around the world have sought his medical advice for their prized and, often, award-winning horses. Many of his discoveries have helped advance orthopedic procedures in humans. Colorado State University’s Dr. […]