Ice is No Match for CSU-developed Coating

Anyone who’s ever chipped ice off a windshield or nervously watched a plane get de-iced, take note: Colorado State University researchers have invented an ice-repellent coating that out-performs today’s best de-icing products. Researchers led by Arun Kota, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, have created an environmentally friendly, inexpensive, long-lasting coating that could […]

Microfluidics Innovation Earns Student Biomedical Engineering Society Honor

Microfluidic inertial focusing is a technology used to passively manipulate objects as small as mammalian cells. Until recently, this technology could not be used for anything smaller than 10 microns, or one-tenth the thickness of human hair. This is incredibly small, but graduate biomedical engineering student Lei Wang, working with her advisor, Professor David Dandy, […]

CSU School of Biomedical Engineering Receives ABET Accreditation

Colorado State University’s School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) is proudly the first accredited undergraduate biomedical engineering program in the state of Colorado. SBME is also the first accredited biomedical engineering degree in the country that has an obligatory tie to a partner degree in chemical and biological engineering, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering. Biomedical engineering […]

Meet the New SBME Office Coordinator

Michael Benedict is a new part-time office coordinator in the SBME. He has most recently worked as a program coordinator, event planner, writer, and writing instructor. Michael is from Seattle, Washington, and spent the last six years in Moscow, Idaho. Michael did his undergraduate work at the University of Washington and Western Washington University, and […]

New Undergraduate Advisor for SBME

As an advisor in SBME, Robyn Jeep Ernst will work with all first year students. She has been advising students for several years and loves talking with students about their stories and helping in the college experience navigation process. Robyn is a Colorado native and has been fortunate to call several wonderful places in Colorado […]

New SBME Advisory Board Member

Gary Johnson (’92 B.S.M.E.) is the Surgical Group President for Applied Medical, a global medical device developer, manufacturer, and distributor headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Johnson joined the company in June of 1992 as a process development engineer. Three years later, he transitioned into the clinical development role and then served as vice president of […]