SBME Supports the Frontiers of Science Institute

The School of Biomedical Engineering hosted laboratory activities at the Frontiers of Science Institute, located on the University of Northern Colorado campus in Greeley, Co. This annual summer event begins the third week of June and concludes the fourth week of July and provides a learning environment for 25-30 students in their sophomore or junior […]


Congratulations to a number of biomedical engineering students who received recognition at the 2017 Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC) Award Ceremony on April 25. CURC, the annual Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase, is held each April to recognize and honor student achievements and showcase what they have learned as a result of their […]

Melissa Reynolds Named Professor Laureate

Dean Janice Nerger of the College of Natural Science has named Melissa Reynolds, Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering, Professor Laureate. The designation of Professor Laureate is the highest professorial title awarded by the College and is intended not only to honor the individual, but also to provide role models to the College. Reynolds demonstrates […]

Ph.D. Student Selected as VPR Fellow

Zachary Fox, a graduate student working with Advisor Brian Munsky, has been selected as a Vice President for Research Fellow for the 2017-18 academic year. The VPR Graduate Fellows Program at Colorado State supports excellence in graduate research and promotes interdisciplinarity at the university by engaging the best and brightest students from graduate programs across […]

Microfluidics innovation earns student BMES honor

Lei Wang, biomedical engineering graduate student at Colorado State, received the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Extended Abstract/Design and Research Award at the BMES Annual Meeting in Minnesota on October 8, 2016. Wang, working with her advisor, Professor David Dandy, has found a way to study small-scale phenomena at the submicron level. The application for which […]

BME Student Receives First Generation Scholar Award

Dominic Martinez, a fourth-year biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering student, was honored as a Jackson Distinguished First Generation Scholar at the CSU First Generation Dinner held on March 1. The Jackson Scholars are selected from the existing group of First Generation Award scholars and are selected for their contributions in the areas of outstanding leadership, […]

Graduate Day Poster Session & Awards

On Monday, March 6, the School of Biomedical Engineering held its annual Graduate Interview Day Social for Ph.D. candidates seeking admission to the bioengineering program. During this event, our faculty had the opportunity to recognize three graduate students who have made a significant mark on the School of Biomedical Engineering for their diligence, consistency, and […]

New SBME Advisory Board Member

Ray Goodrich is the executive director of the Infectious Disease Research Center at Colorado State University and has over 23 years of experience working in the fields of blood preservation and pathogen reduction technologies. Prior to joining CSU in 2016, Goodrich served as president of Innovata BioConsulting and provided consultation related to medical products. From […]

A traffic cop for the cell surface: Illuminating a basic biological process

On the surfaces of our trillions of cells is a complex crowd of molecules moving around, talking to each other, occasionally segregating themselves, and triggering basic functions ranging from pain sensation to insulin release. The structures that organize this microscopic traffic jam are no longer invisible, thanks to Colorado State University researchers. A multidisciplinary team […]

Blood-repellent materials: A new approach to medical implants

Medical implants like stents, catheters, and tubing introduce risk for blood clotting and infection, a perpetual problem for many patients. Colorado State University engineers offer a potential solution: A specially grown, “superhemophobic” titanium surface that’s extremely repellent to blood. The material could form the basis for surgical implants with lower risk of rejection by the […]