2018 Senior Design Team Invited to International Design Competition

The Physically Pulsating Organ Model senior design team (Charlotte Mitchell, Amy Holcomb, Megan Miller, and Anthony Behle) sponsored by Applied Medical has been selected as finalists in the UBORA Design Competition 2018.

The prototype has been developed to aid in training surgical residents. It consists of a vascular network capable of being remotely activated to create a rupture (a bleed). Surgical residents training on this system will be able to practice and perfect ligation techniques such as clamping and suturing on living beings.

In early September, Amy Holcomb traveled to Pisa, Italy to represent the team and participate in a five-day design school working on an international team of biomedical engineers to create a prototype of a medical device and document in the online UBORA e-infrastructure platform. Between the conference and the design school, all participants presented their original posters submitted to UBORA.

Holcomb’s design school team worked to create a kit for treating fractures and sprains of the hand (fingers and thumb), calling the project “Modular Multi-Finger Splint Kit.” To learn more about this project visit the UBORA platform at https://ubora-kahawa.azurewebsites.net/projects/4e503390-79bb-4786-8544-92c1c0cc87ea.