Multifunctional Polymers and Composites Lab


October 2019
Dr. Yourdkhani gave an invited talk in the Department of Chemistry at CSU.
August 2019
Dr. Yourdkhani gave a presentation entitled “Towards Self-Regulating Dental Composites” in the ICCM22 conference.
August 2019
Dr. Yourdkhani organized a memorial symposium honoring Prof. Scott White in the 22nd International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM22).
August 2019
Aaron Dejong, Hanna Narans, and Isaac Morris joined the group. Welcome!
July 2019
Our group attended the annual meeting of the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI).
April 2019
Sean Smith received Energy Institute Summer Internship award. Congratulations!
February 2019
Sean Smith joined the group. Welcome!
January 2019
Dr. Yourdkhani joined the School of Advanced Materials Discovery (SAMD) as a core faculty member.
August 2018
Morteza Ziaee joined the group. Welcome!
August 2018
Yourdkhani Research Group officially started at CSU!
August 2018
Dr. Yourdkhani gave two invited talks at the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and McGill University.
May 2018
Our paper on energy-efficient manufacturing of polymers and composites was featured on ScienceDaily, Green Car Congress, CleanTechnica, c&en, 3D Printing Media Network , materialstoday, Chemistry World , R&D, ScienceNewsline, Materialsgate, EurekAlert!.
February 2018
Dr. Yourdkhani gave an invited talk on “Advanced Manufacturing and Multifunctional Performance of Polymers and Composites” at Boston University.
November 2017
The video of “Smart Microcapsules” was selected and exhibited as one of the finalist videos in the MRS 2017 SciVid competition in Boston, MA.
November 2017
“Planet Capsule” image won the Scientific Image Competition at the BP-ICAM Annual Conference in Manchester, UK.
October 2017
Video of monodisperse-emulsion generation received honorable mention in the Nikon Small World in Motion digital video competition. [links: Nikon Small World, Globenewswire]
April 2017
“Frozen Capsule” image won first place at the Spring 2017 MRS Science as Art competition in Phoenix, AZ. [links: MRS, Beckman Institute, Beckman Annual Report, Synergy]