My name is Ben Lorden, and I am from Littleton, Colorado, in the southwest Denver metro area. I am a junior studying mechanical engineering. Colorado State has been an incredible place for me. With challenging classes and a thriving community, I have found a great school, offering everything I could want to pursue.

My favorite thing about CSU is the community. Walking through campus, there is energy and a positive culture, and people are happy to be here. I appreciate how easy it is to make friends from my own major and other majors throughout campus, and those differing perspectives have enhanced my learning and challenged me in new ways. Along the theme of community, the relationships that I have with the professors here are incredible! They are always willing to help me whether it is during class or outside of the classroom. That is something that makes the learning experience that much more rich.

My first year I lived in Edwards Hall, the residence hall next to Academic Village. I really appreciated its proximity to the resources of the Engineering building nearby. It was great to collaborate with people who were taking the same classes and working on the same projects. Since then, I have stayed on campus in the residence halls as a Resident Assistant (RA). I guess you could say that I love campus enough that I want to be here all the time! The relationships that I build as an RA and the ways that I can help others become comfortable with transition to college has been very rewarding for me.

I have been involved in religious groups on campus and have been able to grow and find a home through that. I am in the Honors program here, which expands my educational experience and puts me in classes with other students who are pursing academic excellence. I also love being active. My first year, I played on the club volleyball team here which was fun and competitive. I have played a variety of intramural sports also, from basketball to volleyball, dodgeball to inner tube water polo. The mountains are nearby, so skiing and hiking are very accessible as well. I have found Fort Collins to be a great place for my active lifestyle.

I am also an Engineering Student Ambassador. I give tours of the school to prospective students and am available to answer questions about CSU and studying engineering. I would love to help you answer any questions you have!

Email me if you have any questions about:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Balancing School and Social Life
  • Living in a Non-Engineering Residence Hall
  • Christian Groups/Organizations
  • Mountain/Snow Activities
  • Intramural Sports
  • CSU Sporting Events
  • Honors Program
  • Internships
  • My Home State of Colorado