In order to prepare students for the rigor of Rocketry Senior Design, we encourage and assist club members with obtaining L1 certification through National Association of Rocketry (NAR) or Tripoli. L2 certification is also encouraged and has been pursued by senior club members.

Hands on experience gained through L1 not only improves one’s ability to understand mechanics of flight, but also introduces students to safety protocols. Safe handling, transportation, and design around 1.4S motors is something all members seeking certification are required to learn.

If you are interested in getting certified, please speak with us at a club meeting.






Some useful links are provided to get your started on your learning journey (these are not endorsed by Ram Rocketry or Colorado State University):

  • Apogee Components YouTube   – This YouTube site and corresponding website are invaluable. Here you will find detailed videos on how to build your rocket, choosing an appropriate motor, an introduction to nomenclature within amateur rocketry, etc.





  • Richard Nakka’s Experimental Rocketry Site   – This site provides fantastic insight into chemistry of propellants, parachute design, and many more theoretical concepts involved in rocketry.