Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Purchasing Forms

The Official Function Form is necessary for all purchases involving food, beverages, event costs, recruiting of faculty or students, training, promotion or development activities.

Official functions must produce a primary benefit to the University and all costs must be reasonable and necessary. 

Common reasons for having an official function include:

      • Extending contact to include normal mealtimes
      • Creating an atmosphere necessary to attain the goal
      • Encouraging event participation to attain the goal
      • Enhancing social interactions to build community
      • Rewarding outstanding performance
      • Providing a forum to raise awareness of an issue
      • Providing an opportunity to welcome visitors

The Capital Equipment Supplement form is required when:

  1. Purchasing a single item over $5000 or;
  2. Combined multiple items creating one system over $5000 or;
  3. Software with a total cost over $5,000 with a useful life of more than one year