Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering


Business Support

  1. Complete the form and print/save as a PDF.
  2. Email the PDF version of receipt along with copy of the check to EBO at
  3. We will send a confirmation email to you when rececived in EBO.
  • Used for cash or checks to the College and need to be routed for deposit.
  • Checks and cash for the College are deposited through the Engineering Business Office.
  • Contact EBO at for instructions for cash deposits.

Purchase Requests Under $5,000

Requires login; campus/VPN access only

Purchase Requests Over $5,000

Purchase Requests Over $10,000

Procurement Guidelines

CSU Procurement Services

Official function form

Payment or Reimbursement Request

Internal Order Request

Requires login; campus/VPN access only

Note: Include Invoice


For travel procedures and requirements, visit the EBO Travel page. Most forms require specific procedures and information prior to entering data.

The forms below require engineering account login; 
Campus/VPN access only

AR TEM Customer Form Information

Used for creating travel profiles in Kuali for non-employees and guests.

This form is for the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering use only.