Professional Learning Institute (PLI’s)

What is the Professional Learning Institute?

Professional Learning Institute (PLIs)

In fall of 2007 the College of Engineering launched the Professional Learning Institute (PLI) which provides students with real world “soft” skills to complement the technical curricula they receive at Colorado State. Students are required to complete 11 workshops as a requirement for graduation. Throughout these workshops, students will develop expertise in many areas that are highly valued by employers. Interactive workshops are led by key industry leaders and Colorado State faculty and staff in each of these focus areas: Cultural Adaptability, Leadership, Civic and Public Engagement, Innovation, and Ethics.

If you have questions about PLIs, want to check your status, or register for future PLIs you can visit the website.

Or, you can send an e-mail to:

For instructions on how to navigate the PLI website, see the instructions tab in the next tab.

After you have completed the 11 workshops, please e-mail your academic advisor to notify them that your requirement has been completed.

PLI Website Instructions
  1. Go to the Professional Learning Institute webpage.
  2. Click the link for current students and select the blue PLI box:
  3. To view your PLI status and upcoming events, select the “My PLI status tab” and log in using your university eID and ePassword.
  4. After you login, you will see a list of the PLI events that you have attended, those that still require you to fill out the online review of the PLI will also be indicated here.
  5. If you continue scrolling down, you will also see the PLI events you attended organized by category. If a PLI event can apply towards more than one category, you may choose which category your PLI will be applied towards. For example, you may change whether a PLI credit will go towards “Leadership” or “Innovation” by selecting the respective bubble.
  6. In order to look for upcoming PLI events, select “Workshop list” under PLI links in the side menu bar:
  7. On this page, you will be able to register for future workshops and complete the online review of workshops you attended in the past.
  8. To register for a workshop, you will need to input your engineering username, your CSUID number, and your engineering password. Select the appropriate workshop in the dropdown menu and click “Submit”.
  9. You’re ready to attend the PLI!
  10. Don’t forget to check back in when the PLI has passed and fill out the appropriate evaluation within 21 days.