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Tanmay Kar

Tanmay Kar


Phone: (970) 310-3782

Dr. Tanmay Kar

Postdoctoral Fellow

Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Kar is a postdoctoral researcher in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Colorado State University. His current research project is aimed to develop and validate emission-compliant advanced combustion strategies for direct injected (DI) heavy duty liquid petroleum gas engines, utilizing both experimental and CFD studies on a variable compression ratio Cooperative Fuel Research and a Single Cylinder Heavy Duty research engine.

His doctoral work focused on the development of compressed natural gas (CNG) DI technology for passenger cars. This involved an investigation of performance, emissions, and combustion behavior of a downsized and boosted, multi-cylinder, spark-ignition engine with direct injection of gasoline and CNG.

Dr. Kar also has 5 years of automotive industry experience as an engine research engineer with responsibilities such as component design and development, lubrication and cooling network analysis.


  • Ph.D. 2020, University of Melbourne – Mechanical Engineering
  • M. Tech. 2011, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur – Mechanical Engineering
  • B. Tech. 2009, Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College – Mechanical Engineering