Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Paul Wilbur

Dr. Paul Wilbur

Emeritus Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Wilbur contributed 40 years of service to the Mechanical Engineering department at CSU. Reflecting his lifetime contributions to the electric propulsion community, he was awarded the “Medal of Outstanding Achievement in Electric Propulsion” in 2007. Professor Wilbur’s research applied broad beam ion sources to applications such as spacecraft propulsion, surface modification of materials using ion beams, and plasma contacting to control the potentials of spacecraft. His most recent research focused on the development of emissive membranes, a promising new technology in electric propulsion.

Dr. Wilbur was a positive force for all of us during our time at Colorado State University. As the pre-eminent pioneer in ion propulsion technology research for four decades, Dr. Wilbur continues to have a direct impact on much of the world through satellite and deep space propulsion technology. It is our goal to enable future generations of students to benefit from his legacy through the Wilbur Scholarship. Donations can be made here

Honors and Awards

  • 1989, Engineering Dean’s Council Award, CSU Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • 1986, Abell Faculty Research and Graduate Program Support Award, CSU College of Engineering, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • 1985, Oliver P. Pennock Award for Distinguished Service, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • 1982, Halliburton Award for Excellence in Teaching, CSU College of Engineering, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • 1964-1968, NSA Traineeship and NSF Graduate Fellowship, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey