Water Waste

The problem

Urban water systems are currently inefficient, and there are much better ways to use the water that travels through our systems that make use of different types of water for different purposes.

Graywater is defined as any water used in a home except for toilet water. Blackwater is toilet water. Stormwater is roof runoff and sometimes rainwater.

40% to 50%

of wastewater generated per household is graywater


of wastewater is toilet water


water savings experienced by some existing pilot sustainability systems

our Solution

Create a framework that guides decentralized non-potable water systems and allows for reuse of graywater, blackwater, and stormwater. This framework would allow urban areas to determine the level of treatment needed for different water sources to reduce health risks and save on cost and energy use.

The Faculty Involved


Dr. Sybil Sharvelle
Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


sustainable urban water 

Push U.S. into the forefront of countries supporting coordinated efforts to create sustainable urban water frameworks.

Initiate sustainability

Introduce CSU's sustainability framework into more cities and communities.

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