Dr. Travis Bailey

Travis Bailey

Travis Bailey

Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Research Interests

  • Nanostructured Polymer Systems
  • Self-Assembly
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Soft Tissue Mimics
  • Ion Gels and Hydrogels
  • Membranes


  • Ph D, 2001, University of Minnesota: Chemical Engineering
  • BS, 1995, University of Florida: Chemical Engineering
  • BS, 1995, University of Florida: Chemistry

Awards & Honors

  • U. S. Fulbright Teaching and Research Scholar William J. Fulbright Foundation, 2016
  • CSU COE Engineering Days Funniest Professor College of Engineering, 2015
  • CSU Alumni Association Best Teacher Nominee (Nominated) CSU Alumni Association, 2013
  • Outstanding Teacher Award CSU Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering , 2011
  • CSU COE Engineering Days Best Professor College of Engineering, 2011
  • CSU COE George T. Abell Outstanding Teaching & Service Faculty Award College of Engineering, 2009
  • CSU Alumni Association Best Teacher Award CSU Alumni Association, 2008
  • CSU Alumni Association Best Teacher Nominee (Nominated) CSU Alumni Association, 2007
  • CSU Greek Community Outstanding Faculty Member CSU Greek Community, 2007
  • Outstanding Teacher Award CSU Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering , 2007
  • CSU Alumni Association Best Teacher Nominee (Nominated) CSU Alumni Association, 2006
  • CAREER award National Science Foundation, 2006
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow National Science Foundation, 1995
  • Outstanding Four-Year Scholar University of Florida, 1995


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  • Wang, Yang; Bailey, Travis; Hong, Miao; Chen, Eugene Y. -X., . "Stereoregular Brush Polymers and Graft Copolymers by Chiral Zirconocene-Mediated Coordination Polymerization of P3HT Macromers" POLYMERS, vol. 9, no.4, 2017.
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