Dr. Suren Chen


Dr. Suren Chen joined CSU as an assistant professor in 2006. In the past over ten years, Dr. Chen has been primarily working on life-time performance of bridge infrastructures, traffic infrastructure system safety and serviceability, natural hazard assessment mitigation, and structural control and health monitoring. Dr. Chen has published over 50 research papers on journals and conferences in his field. Between 2004 and 2006, he worked in one of the leading consulting firms in the nation as a civil engineer on bridge design, construction and management projects for FEMA including DFIRM study, LOMR review and GIS-based map production. He is a licensed professional engineer and also a certified floodplain manager. He currently serves on four technical committees of ASCE and is also the Transportation Research Board (TRB) appointed representative for CSU. He is currently leading several research projects on transportation infrastructure safety funded by federal and local agencies.

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