Dr. Brad Reisfeld


Dr. Reisfeld's research interests lie in areas of biological and biomedical science that are relevant to human health and are interdisciplinary in nature. His focus, at present, is in three areas (i) examining the fate and disposition of xenobiotics (drugs and toxicants) in the body, (ii) understanding the immune response to, and dissemination of, infectious diseases, and (iii) investigating the role of macromolecular crowding on enzyme-mediated reaction kinetics. On the topic of xenobiotic fate, Dr. Reisfeld's group studies the issues of biodistribution, clearance, and especially metabolism as they relate to the formation and elimination of reactive metabolites involved in carcinogenesis and other adverse health effects. In terms of infectious diseases and immunology, Dr. Reisfeld's group, along with colleagues in the Micobacteria Research Laboratory at CSU, model the dissemination of infectious diseases (principally tuberculosis) with the objective of developing optimized drug treatment strategies. With regard to macromolecular crowding Dr. Reisfeld's group uses experimental and multi-scale computational methods to study how "crowded" environments affect enzyme activity and enzyme-mediated reaction kinetics.

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