Dr. Steven A Rutledge


Professor Rutledge joined the Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science Faculty in 1988. Prior to that he served on the academic faculty at Oregon State University. Dr. Rutledge's interests are in mesoscale meteorology, cloud electricity, radar meteorology and cloud physics. Current research focuses on the organization and structure of tropical convection, electrification processes in isolated convection and mesoscale convective systems, related to large scale forcing and the use of multi-parameter radar to infer hydrometeor distributions in clouds and to estimate rainfall. He is a member of the Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM) Science Team. He was co-chair for the MCTEX Science Steering Committee and the STERAO Steering Committee. He serves as the Scientific Director of the CSU-CHILL National Radar Facility and was the lead scientist for the shipboard Doppler radar program in the international TOGA COARE experiment. In 1999 he directed the successful NASA/TRMM/LBA field campaign in the Amazon region of Brazil. In July of 1999, Dr. Rutledge was appointed Head of the Department of Atmospheric Science. During the summer of 2000 he served as Operations Director for the STEPS Field Project. He is also a CIRA Fellow and an Associate Editor for JGR-Atmospheres.

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