Dr. David S Dandy


Prior to joining the department in 1992, Dr. Dandy spent four years as a Senior Staff Member in the Advanced Materials Department at Sandia National Laboratories, focusing on thermal and plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of thin films. Dr. Dandy's group continues to work in this general area, with applications in next generation high-k rare earth metal oxides and nanoscale integrated optical waveguide biosensors. Other biosensor work includes superparamagnetic nanoparticle-based detection of Category A and B bioterrorism agents, enzymatic detection of halogenated organic compounds, and microfluidic capillary electrophoretic detection of prion proteins. The group also works on application of dense medium plasma technology to contaminant degradation and inactivation of viral and bacterial agents, and the study of non-aqueous phase liquid transport in heterogeneous subsurface aquifers.

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