Dr. Kimberly B. Catton


Dr. Kimberly Catton joined the mechanical engineering department as a Professor of Practice. She has been teaching in universities since 2009 when she received her Ph.D. in experimental fluid mechanics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Catton worked in water consulting for several years prior to obtaining her doctorate and has a Professional Engineering license in hydraulics. Dr. Catton's current research interests include (1) geographical assessments of the environmental impacts associated with algae-based biofuels, (2) statistical water quantity and quality tools to assess the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing, and (3) statistical assessment of the interactions between toxins in water and biological and physical conditions. Dr. Catton is also working on research in the field of education with a particular interest in aligning practical experience with the undergraduate curriculum. When Dr. Catton isn't teaching, she enjoys hiking, swimming and learning the violin with her two children, Dean and Vivienne.

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