Dr. Daniel B. Olsen


Dr. Olsen currently is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Colorado State University (CSU). His research at the CSU Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory (EECL) includes evaluation of engine exhaust aftertreatment systems, development of new technologies for industrial engines, and characterization of alternative fuels. Dr. Olsen joined the faculty in 2006 after working for six years as a Research Scientist at the CSU EECL carrying out research and development primarily on large bore natural gas engines used for natural gas compression. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on internal combustion engines, power plants, turbomachinery, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics. Prior to returning to academia in 1996 for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at CSU, Dr. Olsen worked in industry as a design engineer for six years. His responsibilities as a design engineer included development of Stirling Cryocoolers for space applications. Dr. Olsen holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Eastern Oregon State College and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University. He has authored or co-authored over 80 journal and conference papers.

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