Faculty & Staff Profile

Dr. Thomas Birner

Assistant Professor
Atmospheric Science

Research Interests

  • Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Tropopause Dynamics
  • Stratospheric Dynamics
  • Upper Troposphere / Lower Stratosphere

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  • M.S. 1999, Univeristy of Leipzig - Physics
  • Ph.D. 2003, Ludwig- Maximilians University - Meteorology

International Connections

  • Country: Canada
    Contact: University of Toronto, scholarly efforts with institutions
  • Country: Germany
    Contact: Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Scholarly efforts with institutions
  • Country: United Kingdom
    Contact: University of Reading, scholarly efforts with institutions

Contact Information

Office Location: Main Atmospheric Science 407
Phone: 492-4041
Fax: 491-8449
Email: thomas@atmos.colostate.edu