Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure

It is an online applications and services marketplace. Customers (mostly IT pros and developers) can discover, try and buy cloud software solutions built on Azure or built for Azure. The catalog, includes over 8,000 listings, contains Azure building blocks like Virtual Machines (VMs), APIs, and Solution Templates, and SaaS Apps.

For partners, Azure Marketplace is the launching point for all joint Go-To-Market activities with Microsoft to reach more customers. Using launch promotion, demand generation, and joint sales and marketing, partner marketplace listings can be the centerpiece of their cloud business engine.

Who is Eligible?

Gaining Access to the Portal

With the launch of Microsoft Azure, students will no longer need to request an account. They will be able to utilize the portal using their

  • Navigate to the following link:
  • Sign in using your
    • This is NOT first.last@colostate
    • Individuals will use their CSU password, NOT engineering.
    • They must exclude the “rams” portion of their email address.

Getting Software

  • Once signed in, click on “All services” from the panel on the left
  • Search for “Education”
  • Click the star icon to add “Education” to your favorites
    • This is recommended to make future navigation easier
  • Click on “Education”
  • If you have not accepted their terms and conditions you will be prompted with a link
    • Click the link and follow the steps
    • Microsoft will have you sign in using and your CSU password if the credentials have not been stashed.
    • Check off the checkbox and continue
  • Return to the Azure portal and click “Education” again
  • Click “View All” in the same row as “Get software”
  • This will now display all the software you have access to in the portal.
    • For example, you can find your Windows 10 ISO files here by searching for “Windows 10”