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Install the Web Certificate

Click on a tabs below to view instructions for the different browsers.

Why am I getting a security error message?
It is because the business that issued our security certificate did so too late for it to be included in many browsers. This does not mean that the web page is unsecured, it simply means that your browser does not recognize our certificate as it was not issued in time. To eliminate these pop-ups, simply click on the tab for your browser and follow the instructions to install the certificate.

1. Click the button for "Proceed anyway".

1. Click the link "I Understand the Risks".

2. Then click the button "Add Exception".

3. Click the button "Get Certificate".

4. Then click the button "Confirm Security Exception" and you are done.

1. Click the link "Continue to this website (not recommended)".
This will take you to the webmail page but will not install the certificate. To install the certificate follow steps 2-4.

2. Click the link "Certificate Error" at the top of the page.

3. Click the link "View certificates".

4. Click the button "Install Certificate...".

1. Click the button "Show Certificate".

2. Click the arrow labeled "Trust".

3. For the "When using this certificate" line, select "Always Trust" and click Continue.

4. Only after going through the process a second time it will ask for your password
to accept the certificate. Once done, it will no longer complain.
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This document last modified Friday November 17, 2017

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