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Windows Vista

Windows Vista was released in January 2007. Mainstream support ended in April 2012, and extended support will end in April 2017. ENS does not recommend nor support Windows Vista, due to a history of technical issues and mainstream support termination by Microsoft. If you currently use Windows Vista or Windows XP, ENS recommends you upgrade to Windows 7. The information below on Windows Vista is provided as a courtesy.

Known Windows Vista Issues

  • Networking is unreliable. Our reports indicate that Vista has difficulty mapping any of the Engineering network drives (T: drive, U: drive, etc.) There are two workarounds that we have found that can be used to map Engineering network drives:
    1. Edit Vista's security policies using the GUI.
    2. Use the Registry Editor.
      (Note, editing the Windows Registry is something that should only be done extremely carefully, if at all. A wrong step could make your computer unusable. Make sure you back up all critical data before following these steps.)
      1. Go to Start > Run and type "regedit".
      2. Locate this key:
        This key controls the security level mandated or allowed for logins. In Vista it defaults to 0x3, which means "NTLMv2 only".
      3. The fix is to change it to 0x1, which means "use NTLMv2 if available, or older versions if not."
      4. Reboot.
  • Cisco VPN with 64bit Vista. The current version of the Cisco VPN client does not work with 64bit Vista. Here is a work around using OpenVPN. (this also works for Windows 7 as well.)

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